We (BMW Motorrad Thailand) accept the following payment methods on our website:
Credit Card/Debit Card :
*Unfortunately we do not accept American Express (AMEX)
  • - BMW Motorrad Thailand does not charge any fees when payments are made by credit card or debit card.
  • - Your bank or credit card/debit card company may add transaction fees, and we do not take responsibility for any extra charges from your bank or credit card/ debit card company.
  • - Your local currency rate is set by your bank.
  • - All card transactions are made safely and account details encrypted.
If your payment was declined, here are some potential reasons and solutions:
  • The account doesn’t have sufficient funds.
  • : Check your bank account to make sure it has enough, then try again.
  • The name of the account owner doesn’t match with the information you provided.
  • : Update your billing information with the correct details.
  • The issuing bank doesn’t allow using the bank account for online or international transactions.
  • : Contact your bank to allow these types of transactions, then start again.
  • The bank account doesn’t exist anymore.
  • : Update your billing information with a different bank account or credit card.
  • There are a limited number of transactions
  • : Please contact your Bank

Step 1 : Pick your preferred dealer
Step 1 : Pick your preferred dealer
You need to select your preferred dealer. A sales executive from the dealer will be in contact with you and guide you through the fulfillment process once your reservation is completed. Your motorcycle will also be picked up at your preferred dealer location.
Step 2 : Fill in your information
Step 2 : Fill in your information
This information will be your contact information for the sales executive to contact you and it will be on your Booking Form.
Step 3 : Make a Deposit
Step 3 : Make a Deposit
Deposit fee is 49,999 THB out of total motorcycle price (940,000 THB) In this step, you can recheck your information and adjust the information before making a payment. Once the payment is successfully made, you can no longer change your preferred dealer.

Payment method:
We accept only Credit card/ Debit card with Visa, Master card or JCB.
Step 4 : Get contacted by your sales representative.
Step 4 : Get contacted by your sales representative.
Congratulations! Once you have reached here, you have already secured this exclusive offer. You will receive confirmation booking email attached with your booking form as the evidence. A sales representative from your preferred dealer will contact you within 24 working hours.

After the payment success,
- The booking form and booking confirmation will be automatically sent to you via email. You can use this booking form as an evidence of THE BMW R NINE T /5. booking.
- The Sales Executive from your chosen dealer will be in contact with you within 24 working hours to process the next step of delivery e.g. financial agreement. You may contact your preferred dealer via phone which the phone number shown in the booking form.
- Unfortunately, we cannot refund the booking fee unless it is under the condition as mentioned in the booking form. Please contact your preferred dealer once the transaction is completed. We do not guarantee full nor partial refund from your preferred dealer.

We take your privacy and security very seriously, and we guarantee that all your personal information and data is safe and secured. By using our website, you have agreed to our Privacy Policy, as stated below. We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy at any time without notice.
Information We Collect

         To give you the best motorcycle booking experience on our website, we collect information, including such as your name, e-mail, and address when you place an order or save your information with us. Customers can be assured that important data such as credit card information and personal details (name, address, etc.) is transferred via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and this information will not be accessed without permission by an unwanted third party while they are doing the transactions on the site.
How We Use Your Information

         We use your personal information to complete your order, such as sending confirmation email to you, or using the address you provide to contact you for motorcycle delivery. We may also use your information to improve our website content and to show the products that you may like. We do not share your private information with any Third Parties in anyway except the absolute essentials to complete your order.
Third Party Sites
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Q: Other than credit or debit card, are there any other means to make the payment?
A: We do not accept other methods of the payment.
Q: What do I have to do after the payment is completed?
A: You will receive an e-mail confirmation with the attached booking form as a reference to your reservation.
Q: What’s next after I got the booking confirmation e-mail?
A: A sales executive will contact you within 24 working hours to help you with the rest of the purchasing process.
Q: Can I change my preferred dealer after having successfully made the booking?
A: Unfortunately, you cannot change your preferred dealer once you had completed the booking payment fee.
Q: Can I take my motorcycle to other dealers to receive maintenance service?
A: According to BMW Motorrad Thailand’s policy, every BMW purchased from our Authorized Dealers can access the services from any BMW Authorized Dealers throughout the country.
Q: Can I place my order by telephone or directly to the sales executive, instead of purchasing on the website?
A: No, the motorcycle is only available through
Q: Can I cancel my booking after I have made the booking payment?
A: Unfortunately, we do not process any refund. Please contact your selected dealer. BMW Motorrad Thailand does not guarantee full nor partial refund from your preferred dealer..
Q: If I have technical problem during the booking such as website inaccessible, what should I do?
A: Please contact the help center : 02-219-3685-7 (ext. 311) Mon-Fri 9:30am - 6:30pm or
Q: Will I receive the same 3 Years Warranty as motorcycles bought normally from BMW Motorrad Authorized Dealers?
A: Yes. You will finish the rest of the buying process at your selected dealer. Your motorcycle will come with the same standard 3 Years Warranty. For more information, please visit
Q: How do I pay for the motorcycle after I successfully booked the motorcycle online?
A: You can discuss with the sales executive for the best payment terms according to your preference.
Q: When will the motorcycle be delivered?
A: After the financial process is completed, you can expect to receive the motorcycle. Or please contact your sales consultant directly.
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